Coronavirus: How To Protect Yourself

Here are 9 steps to protect yourself: -Avoid hand touching and hand shaking. If physical contact is necessary we recommend a fist bump or an elbow bump. -Knuckles Only. Use your knuckles to touch things like light switches, elevator buttons. When handling items that have a high volume of people touching them like a gasoline […]

Gift Guide For The “Skin Care Obsessed”

Are you shopping for a skincare junkie? We have the perfect round up of beauty products that will make shopping for them this holiday season a piece of cake! All the brands included in this gift guide are providing you with 20% of these select products. Use code: SKINGUIDE at checkout. Discount ends December 31st […]

Natural Beauty Tips For Summer

Summer skin care is easy and stress-free. Choose the right skin care products, protect yourself from the sun and stay hydrated. Most skin types benefit from the warm and humid summer weather, and dry skin usually looks and feels better in the summer than in the winter. If your skin is prone to oiliness or […]

Ways To Help The Environment

It is important that everyone do their part to help address environmental issues. Simple things here and there can make a big difference. Here are a few things you can do to be more eco-friendly: 1. Address your transportation It is well-known that transportation is a significant cause of carbon emissions. Many cars, unfortunately, are […]

Exciting Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is a modern name attached to an old concept. At its center, mindfulness borrows from the Buddhist belief that to be truly happy one must live life consciously in the present, while not speculating or worrying over what the future may bring. Mindfulness is being used more and more in today’s frantic and hectic […]

Easy Ways to De-Stress Your Work Environment

Strategic efforts are sometimes needed to combat workplace stress. However, in some situations simple measures can make a big difference. Here are six quick, easy and inexpensive ways to lower stress levels in an office and improve morale.  Decaffeinated drinks  Tea and coffee are necessary in most office kitchens. Many employees need a caffeine boost […]

4 Easy Methods For Reducing Stress

When you allow stress to affect your life, you simply aren’t your best self. Prolonged stress can lead to a myriad of health problems, weakened relationships, poor performance at work and a host of other issues. Because of this, it’s critical to have a consistent plan you can trust to help you through times of […]

Is Your Phone Causing Your Skin Issues?

When people consider the negative effects of smartphone use, they think of the wasted time or the radiation. There are other ways in which smartphones can hurt users, however. No one expects, for instance, that heavy smartphone use could cause damage to skin health. Excessive smartphone use can cause acne There are studies that have […]

How To Tackle Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning efforts should begin by eliminating the clutter that may have piled up around your home. Bringing organization to a home which has been slowly taken over by papers, magazines, clothes and boxes of every sort of once-important stuff can, at first, seem like a daunting chore, but employing various strategies can return order […]