Is Your Phone Causing Your Skin Issues?

When people consider the negative effects of smartphone use, they think of the wasted time or the radiation. There are other ways in which smartphones can hurt users, however. No one expects, for instance, that heavy smartphone use could cause damage to skin health.

Excessive smartphone use can cause acne

There are studies that have shown that the average smartphone holds more bacteria per square inch than surfaces in public restrooms. Through use all day, phones collect skin oils, makeup, and dust from the environment. This cocktail of contaminants is placed in contact with facial skin each time you use your phone. It can push dirt into your pores, and block them to cause acne.

The best way to avoid phone contact acne is to use a Bluetooth earpiece for your phone calls. If you don’t plan to use such a device, cleaning your phone twice a day with a damp cloth or a specialized phone cleaning wipe would be a good way to go.

You can get contact dermatitis

Smartphone cases made of metal contain nickel, a substance that is known to cause skin allergies. If you notice that you are developing a rash on your cheek or on your hands, it may be an allergic reaction.

The best way out is to put a plastic case on your phone and a protective skin on the screen.

You can get wrinkles on the neck

When you constantly look down at your phone at a steep angle, you cause a specific kind of creasing of the skin on your neck. Over time, as the skin loses its elasticity, the creases become deeper and more permanent.

The easiest way to prevent creases from a constant bending of the neck would be to hold your phone up. It’s a far better way than holding your phone at chest level and craning your neck to see it.

You may struggle with dark spots

While some studies have looked at how the blue light component emitted by your phone’s screen may cause DNA damage and cancer, those results are far from conclusive. Other studies, however, have looked at the problem from another angle. The blue light component may cause excessive pigmentation and age spots. If you’re someone who already struggles with hyperpigmentation, the heat from your phone against your skin can only aggravate the problem.

A Bluetooth-powered earpiece may be your best choice against contact damage from your phone.

Dealing with premature skin aging

All visible light, including the strong light of your cellphone, can hasten skin aging. It can cause inflammation, damage to your collagen, and wrinkling far too early. While it can be hard to stop using your phone, you could add a retinoid cream to your skincare regimen to help keep your skin supple.

You cannot stop using a smartphone altogether to avoid skin problems. In most cases, you can prevent skin damage simply by using a Bluetooth earpiece, cutting down on the time you use your phone, or using skincare products where they are needed.

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