Ways To Help The Environment

It is important that everyone do their part to help address environmental issues. Simple things here and there can make a big difference. Here are a few things you can do to be more eco-friendly:

1. Address your transportation

It is well-known that transportation is a significant cause of carbon emissions. Many cars, unfortunately, are not great for the environment. Changing up your transportation method occasionally can do wonders for reducing your carbon footprint. If you are able, walk or bike to work or the store when you have time. Carpooling with friends or coworkers is another great idea. Reevaluating the way you commute can save you money and help save the environment.

2. Eliminate bottled water if possible 

Bottled water is convenient and sometimes necessary in order to have clean drinking water. Unfortunately, the plastic bottles often end up beside the road or in the ocean. Using a refillable water bottle when possible can greatly reduce the amount of plastic you use. And again, it’s cheaper.

3. Eliminate plastic straws

Plastic straws are another convenient item that can ultimately be bad for the environment. Like water bottles, the straws often end up in the ocean. While a small straw doesn’t seem significant, they add up over time. If you are uncomfortable drinking directly out of a glass at a restaurant, look online for reusable straws that can be washed. You can carry a couple of these around to be used when needed.

4. Eat less beef

Studies recently have shown that cow flatulence is a significant contributor to the carbon problem. Eating less beef might encourage farmers in the long run to raise fewer cows, and the carbon emissions from livestock could be reduced.

5. Educate yourself

It is extremely important that people educate themselves on the problems facing our earth today. Learning about climate change and its causes and consequences will give you the motivation to do your part for the environment and encourage others to do theirs.

We all can do our part to ease the burden that we are placing on our planet. Simple, seemingly insignificant lifestyle changes can make a big difference. Consider these tips and find other ways to help the environment.


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