How To Transition Your Skin Care For Fall

The temperature is beginning to drop, which can cause your skin to dry out and lose some of its natural moisture. Your skin can become dehydrated and irritated. Here are some simple ways to transition your skin into this colder season. These tips will leave your skin glowing like it is still summer time! 1. […]

Benefits Of Celery Juice

Have you heard about this health craze? Although drinking celery juice has been apart of the natural medicine world for centuries it is just starting to become widely known for its healing properties. Drinking celery juice has been known to heal the gut, detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, and aid in weight loss, but what […]

Why Raw Honey Is a Skin Care Superstar

Skin care doesn’t need to mean using expensive creams artificially created in a laboratory. Nature often knows best about health and wellbeing, and this is certainly true when it comes to honey and your complexion. Here are five reasons why you should add raw, natural honey to your regular skin care schedule. 1) Anti-Aging Effects  […]

6 Must Have DIY Beauty Supplies From Amazon

We are going to share the items that you can pick up quick from Amazon that will make your DIY life so much easier. Add these items to your basket while you’re shopping for your favorite La Lune Naturals products. Mixing Tools These are the most important tools of them all! Mixing tools will be the […]

Naturally Fight Fall Allergies

Summer is gone, but you still can’t seem to stop sneezing and rubbing your itchy eyes. You may find yourself wondering, “Is there something wrong with my body? Is this normal?” Absolutely! Fall allergies are prevalent, especially if you’re allergic to spring plants.  Furthermore, you may be experiencing fall allergies for the first time because […]

13 Places Sugar Is Hiding In Your Food

Sugar is what makes many foods so delicious, but too much can be harmful. Eating a healthful diet means controlling the amount of sugar you take in, but avoiding excess sugar can be harder than you think. It is even more important to check your labels for sugar when you are struggling with keeping your […]

Traveling Skincare Tips

Don’t let the stresses of travel get under your skin. The change in climatic conditions, diet, schedule and the harsh effects of flying, cold, wind and sun can wreak havoc on your skin. Frequent travelers have their own magic routines and formulas for perfect skin; these easy travel skincare tips are essential if you want […]

Say Goodbye To Acne Scars

A zit may plague your face for a few weeks, but an acne scar can stick around for years, and in some cases, a lifetime. Acne can be treated with a proper skincare routine. However, you will never have clear skin unless you take the necessary measures to prevent scars from forming. Never Pick at […]

How To Get Rid Of Redness

Redness in the face is a condition that affects millions of people all over the globe. It’s usually most noticeable on the cheeks and across the nose. This condition can be caused by a number of different things such as allergies, overexposure to the sun, a reaction to cosmetics, lotions, soaps and more. Most of […]

Which Skin Type Are You?

Do you ever read a label on a product that is designed specifically for a skin type and you have no idea what you are? Everyone has a different skin type, which means that everyone requires a different kind of skincare. In order to find the right products, the first step is to work out […]