Oil Pulling: Everything You Need To Know

If you want great dental health, there’s no substitute for frequent and thorough brushing and flossing. But that’s not the end of the story. An ancient Ayurvedic tradition known as oil pulling has long been used to improve oral health, and science is increasingly showing that the old beliefs are well founded. Today, the oil […]

5 Common Harmful Shampoo Ingredients

Shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products can contain toxic ingredients that cause long-term health problems. Some ingredients are more harmful than others, so it’s important to be aware of the health risks involved when choosing your hair care products. Here are five common shampoo ingredients that can damage your health. Sulfates  Sodium lauryl sulfate […]

Winter Skincare Tips

As the weather turns cold, it is time to pay attention to your skincare routine. Cold, dry winter weather, combined with central heating, can make your skin dry and more sensitive than usual. Try these easy, natural skincare tips to protect your skin from the damaging effects of winter weather: 1. Drink enough water. It […]

What are Microbeads and Why Are They Harmful?

Microbeads have received a lot of negative press attention in recent months, but what are they? They’re small plastic beads found in skincare and hygiene products such as face scrubs and toothpaste, and they pose quite a threat to aquatic wildlife. Thankfully, they’re completely harmless to humans. This may explain why they’ve been largely ignored […]

5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Gut

One of the surprise findings of the Human Genome Project, that ambitious international effort to map human’s genetic code, is that, by a factor of ten, each individual is made more of bacterial cells than of human cells. Scientists are just beginning to understand the health implications of this, especially as it relates to the […]

4 Things You Need In Your Everyday Routine

It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. This article is here to tell you about the basic items that everybody needs in their skincare routine. Sunscreen, moisturizer, toner and face wash can all be found at inexpensive prices  – these skincare items fit into any budget and any lifestyle. Sunscreen Sunscreen isn’t […]

Beauty Travel Hacks

Nobody wants to have to overhaul their beauty routine completely when traveling, but travel restrictions, luggage space or unexpected mishaps often force you to make significant concessions. If you want to keep your beauty regimen simple but just as effective while traveling, here are a few travel beauty hacks to help you out. Shatterproof compacts […]

Vitamins That Fight Against Acne

If you suffer from frequent acne outbreaks, you’ve probably tried dozens of expensive creams, lotions, and potions to bring your pimples under control. However, one of the best and easiest defenses is a healthy diet. Eating plenty of the right foods will give your skin the strength it needs to resist acne and other common […]

5 Ways To Naturally Reduce Puffiness

The pressures and stresses of modern life can leave their mark on your face. Not many people get as much sleep as they’d like, and when this leaves you with puffy eyes, you’ll look just as tired as you feel. Makeup offers a quick fix for disguising those bags under your eyes, but it’s always […]

6 Ways To Add Coconut Oil To Your Routine

Coconut oil has received plenty of buzz lately for its immense health benefits, but did you know that it has been a beauty staple since ancient times? Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. In addition to these benefits, it has exceptional moisturizing and healing properties. Learn about six ways to incorporate coconut oil into […]