4 Things You Need In Your Everyday Routine

It’s never too late to start taking care of your skin. This article is here to tell you about the basic items that everybody needs in their skincare routine. Sunscreen, moisturizer, toner and face wash can all be found at inexpensive prices  – these skincare items fit into any budget and any lifestyle.


Sunscreen isn’t only needed in the summer – it’s needed all year round. To elaborate, sunburn can happen regardless of temperature or season. To best protect yourself, apply sunscreen with an SPF rating of least 30 every 2 hours whenever you’re outside. Aside from SPF differences, sunscreens differ from each other in whether they are chemical or physical. For face applications of sunscreen, chemical sunscreen is preferred for its lack of a white cast and cosmetic elegance. Regardless, both are effective in protecting your skin from damaging UV rays that cause sunburn and skin cancer.

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Face Wash

In order to properly clean your face of sunscreen and make up, face wash is a necessity in any beauty routine. Water based face wash is reasonable for people who use sunscreen and a minimal amount of makeup – simply add water, lather it on your face and rinse. An oil based face wash is helpful if you notice that your water based face wash isn’t taking off all of your sunscreen or makeup. It is important to note that an oil based face wash should be used on dry skin rather than wet skin. If you want to be especially thorough with your cleansing, you can use an oil based face wash followed by a water based face wash.

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Toner has a number of uses in any beauty routine. After washing your face, swiping a toner soaked cotton round over your face tells you if there is any residue left on your face that needs to be washed off – simply look and see if the cotton round is a colour other than white. Toners can also add an extra layer of hydration to your face before you use moisturizer, which is especially helpful in the winter or for those who have dry skin.


Moisturizer helps prevent the moisture you added to your face from washing and applying toner from evaporating. There are several types of moisturizers – if you find that traditional cream moisturizers are too heavy for your skin, gel moisturizers are a lighter alternative that are just as effective. If you want to use several types of moisturizers in your routine, applying them from thinnest to thickest will help optimize how quickly they absorb into your skin.

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