Beauty Travel Hacks

Nobody wants to have to overhaul their beauty routine completely when traveling, but travel restrictions, luggage space or unexpected mishaps often force you to make significant concessions. If you want to keep your beauty regimen simple but just as effective while traveling, here are a few travel beauty hacks to help you out.

Shatterproof compacts

Powder compacts are highly susceptible to breakages and trying to find your go-to brand and shade while in a new destination is never fun. To prevent any damages from occurring, shatterproof your compact by placing a few cotton discs inside it. Make sure to add as many as necessary to give your compact extra cushioning, but not too many that you can’t close it.

Tape your products shut

Arriving at your destination to find that your favorite cream or serum has leaked all over your luggage is a huge blow. Leakage is also a waste of money. The best way to avoid this is by taping all of your products shut around their seal before you depart. Be sure to bring along enough tape to do this for your return journey too.

A contact lens case for liquids and gels

Instead of buying travel-sized versions of all of your cosmetic products, try storing small portions in contact lens cases. These cases are the perfect size to hold a single application of anything from moisturizer to hand sanitizer to coconut oil and are easy to refill between trips. To help you to distinguish what is inside each case, come up with a simple color code and dab corresponding nail polish on the top.

Homemade dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great way to refresh your hair quickly, but store-bought versions tend to contain damaging chemicals. Fortunately, dry shampoo is not hard to make, and it requires nothing more than a quarter cup of cornstarch or arrowroot powder and five drops of your preferred essential oil. Just stir to combine and then store in a travel-sized container.

Recognize the versatility of lip balm

While you may not consider lip balm an essential for traveling, its versatility makes it so. You can use it as a hair wax to tame any flyaway strands, rub some along the brow bone as a highlighter or even eyeshadow, or mix it in with some blush for a rosy glow. And, of course, it also hydrates and protects your lips.

Staying on top of a beauty routine can be difficult when traveling, especially if you are a frequent traveler. However, learning these and any other travel hacks will allow you to go with ease and confidence, knowing you’ll have taken care of all your beauty needs.

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