Winter Skincare Tips

As the weather turns cold, it is time to pay attention to your skincare routine. Cold, dry winter weather, combined with central heating, can make your skin dry and more sensitive than usual. Try these easy, natural skincare tips to protect your skin from the damaging effects of winter weather:

1. Drink enough water. It is easy to forget water in cold weather, but hydration is as important in the winter as it is in the summer. Drink plain water and herb teas to keep your body hydrated, and your skin will look better through the winter.

2.  Essential fatty acids are necessary for your skin as well as overall health. Boost your intake of omega-3 fatty acids in the winter. You can get them from oily fish, such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines, and from vegetable oils such as flaxseed, canola, soybean or walnut oil.

3. Long, hot showers feel great when the weather is cold, but they can dry your skin. Showering with warm or lukewarm water is a better option if your skin is already dry. It is a good idea to wash your hands often during the cold and flu season, but if your hands are dry or sensitive, warm water is better than hot water. Remember to moisturize your hands after every wash.

4. Use rich, oil-based face moisturizer to combat dryness. Fractionated coconut oil is the perfect all over moisturizer that will nourish your skin. Use an oil-based or cream-based cleanser, and avoid astringent toners that contain alcohol. If you want to use a toner, try natural rose water, which is not harsh and is suitable for all skin types. Exfoliate with gentle and natural face and body scrubs, or make scrubs of your own with olive oil and sea salt.

5. Don’t forget to treat and protect your lips in the winter. Nourish your lips with La Lune Naturals Lip Balm, which can prevent and heal chapped lips. Always use a good protective lip balm outdoors.

6. Consider investing in a humidifier. Central heating makes indoor air dry, and a humidifier can be useful for your skin and your general health, especially during the cold and flu season, as the flu virus thrives in dry conditions. If you catch a cold or the flu, increasing humidity at home may relieve inflammation in the nasal passages and help you to breathe more freely.

7. Cold, dry winter air can also damage your hair and cause dryness and split ends. All hair types need extra moisture in the winter months. Use a good quality conditioner after shampooing; if your hair gets static and is difficult to style, use a leave-in conditioner as well. To make your own natural hot oil treatment for dry hair, warm up a half-cup of fractionated coconut oil. Comb it through your hair, wrap it with a towel and leave it for 20 to 30 minutes before washing your hair.

Your skin needs hydration from the inside and the outside. Drink enough water and herb teas in the winter months, and eat oily fish or good quality vegetable oils that contain omega-3 essential fatty acids. Use rich natural face creams and body creams to moisturize your skin daily, and use coconut oil to massage particularly dry areas, such as dry elbows.


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