Why Raw Honey Is a Skin Care Superstar

Skin care doesn’t need to mean using expensive creams artificially created in a laboratory. Nature often knows best about health and wellbeing, and this is certainly true when it comes to honey and your complexion. Here are five reasons why you should add raw, natural honey to your regular skin care schedule.

1) Anti-Aging Effects 

Honey is packed full of antioxidants in the form of flavonoids and polyphenols. These organic compounds protect your skin down at the cellular level, and repair damage caused by sunlight, pollution, and other stresses of everyday life.

What’s more, honey is thought to boost the production of collagen, the substance which lends strength and suppleness to skin. All this means that fine lines and wrinkles are much less likely to form, keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful.

2) Acne Prevention 

Honey is also naturally antimicrobial, battling the skin bacteria which can spark off acne outbreaks. As a bonus, honey’s anti-inflammatory properties will lessen the intensity of the outbreaks that do appear.

3) Pimple Reduction 

And if you have a troublesome pimple or two rather than a full acne outbreak, honey acts as a great spot reduction treatment. Simply dab pure honey onto the pimple and leave for ten to fifteen minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

4) Dual-Action Pore Cleansing 

Honey makes an excellent exfoliator and deep cleanser. The enzymes it contains open up the pores making it easier to reach deep into your skin, while the antibacterial agents do their cleansing work at the same time.

5) Powerful Moisturizer 

Lastly, honey makes a great ingredient for powerful homemade moisturizing creams. It has all-natural humectant qualities to draw moisture into the skin, along with emollient agents to soften and smooth its texture.

Three Effective Ways to Use Honey 

If you’re short of time, simply spread a thin layer of pure honey across your skin, leave for ten minutes, and rinse. However, for a little more luxury and better results, try one of these three homemade treatments.

1) Exfoliating Scrub – Mix equal parts of raw honey, brown sugar, and olive oil into a stiff paste, adding a drop of your favorite essential oil if you want. Massage the mixture gently into your skin using circular motions, taking your time to cover the whole of the treatment area. Leave the mixture on for ten minutes, then rinse carefully with warm water.

2) Cleansing Mask – Mix equal parts of honey with coconut oil, aiming for a stiff but slippery mix. Spread across your face with a gentle massage action. This will remove dust, grime, and makeup traces from deep within your pores.

3) Soothing Bath – Simply mix a cup or two of honey into a running bath, and soak in the water for up to half an hour. This gives an excellent full-body treatment, letting the benefits of honey enter every pore.

A great skin care regimen doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Using natural products is best for your skin in the long term, and there’s no more naturally nourishing and gentle substance than honey.

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