Natural Substances To Help The Body Remove Toxins

Many people decide at some point that they would like to try a relatively short detoxification process to help the body gently remove toxins that have built up over time. For example, this might involve a two-week diet consisting only of specific fruits, vegetables and brown rice, along with plenty of water. A one-day or two-day fast might precede the diet.

Adding some herbs and other natural substances to your routine can help your body be more effective at eliminating unwanted substances. They also support your liver during the detoxification process.

Milk Thistle and Other Herbs for Liver Function

Milk thistle is the superstar of herbs that support liver function. The flavonoid components silymarin and silibinin appear to have protective effects for the liver. That’s important when this organ is required to manage more toxins than it usually does.

An extract of milk thistle standardized for these active components may help your liver eliminate toxins faster and with less stress. Extracts can be found in capsules and tinctures at stores that sell herbal remedies and natural health products.

You also could buy a product that contains milk thistle and other herbs for liver support. These products may have ingredients like artichoke, dandelion root and turmeric.

Red Clover and Burdock

Red clover blossoms and burdock roots are said to be blood purifiers. These plants grow wild in fields and vacant lots, both in the city and the country. However, standardized extracts are more effective because they contain more precise and concentrated amounts of the beneficial components.

Bentonite Clay in the Bath

If you like taking baths, you can add bentonite clay to the water. It is believed to draw toxins out of the body through the pores this way. Before releasing the bathwater, put some kind of filter over the drain so the clay doesn’t go down the pipe and create a clog. Coffee filters, thick paper towels, muslin or cheesecloth work for this purpose.

Epsom Salts

Another option is to take a bath with Epsom salts in the water. Despite the name, this material isn’t a type of sodium, but rather magnesium sulfate. Bathing in these salts is a long-standing traditional remedy for reducing inflammation and eliminating toxins. People find the experience very soothing. Instead of drawing toxins out, magnesium sulfate is absorbed by the body’s pores through the bathwater.

Before you start the detox process, make a trip to your nearest natural health shop and pick up some helpful products. Talk with an herbalist there or another representative who is well-versed in detox products. You’ll learn which brands are considered to be the best quality and are most likely to be effective for your particular needs.

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