Lavender & Aloe Leave-in Conditioner Recipe

Lavender & Aloe Leave-in Conditioner

Lavender & Aloe Leave-in Conditioner

Create a spa experience at home with this soothing lavender and aloe hair conditioner. Aloe Vera has pH of 4.5 that aids in closing hair cuticles to help in controlling hair frizz while the lavender has a soothing, relaxing scent.


1/2 cup La Lune Naturals Aloe Vera Gel

1/2 cups water

3-5 drops lavender essential oil

Spray bottle


Mix equal parts aloe vera and water until smooth in a small bowl. Transfer this solution into a spray bottle and shake it gently.

Add in a few drops (3 to 5) of lavender essential oil and shake it again. You can spray it on your hair when you feelĀ it to be unmanageable.

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