How To Protect Your Face During Cold Months

The cold plays havoc with the face because it is exposed to bitter temperatures, wind, sleet, and snow. Protecting your skin from the elements of winter is essential to prevent damage. The skin’s moisture evaporates in cold temperatures, chilling wind, and dry heated indoor air, and itching, flaking, dry, and chapped skin is the result. There are ways to protect your skin that reduces the damage cold weather causes.

Dress Properly When Going Out

If you are going outside, it’s important to protect your face. Apply a rich moisturizer and lead-free lip balm. Wear a warm hat with a hood to protect the sides of your face. A warm scarf protects your neck and can also be pulled up to cover mouth and nose. Ski masks are essential if you will be out during snow or sleet as they provide cover for most of your face.

Daily Skin Routine

Use non-foaming cleansers on your face and avoid any product containing alcohol such as some skin toners and astringents. Become a label reader to avoid damage to your skin from harsh ingredients. Avoid products containing parabens (face cleanser, lotion, and foundation), phthalates (lotion, deodorant, fragrance, hairspray), fragrance (moisturizers, hand creams), sodium lauryl sulfate (shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath), BHA and BHT (moisturizers, lipstick, diaper creams), retinyl palmitate and retinol (moisturizers, anti-aging skincare creams), lead (lipstick, lip gloss) formaldehyde (body wash, bubble bath, shampoo). If you see an ingredient listed that has a chemical-sounding name, look it up and be sure it’s safe before purchasing the product. Repeatedly using products containing harmful ingredients irritates skin and causes dryness, allergic reactions, breakouts, itchiness, and redness.

Your Moisturizer

Your face needs moisturizer more than once a day. Moisturize your skin before you go outside, when you return, and anytime during the day it feels dry. Heating your home to stay warm also contributes to dry air and skin, which means you need to moisturize your face frequently. Choose products with “nonclogging” avocado, mineral, coconut, primrose, and almond oils. Exfoliate dry skin three times a week and twice for oily. Ridding your skin of dead dry cells allows moisture to reach new cells. Cleanse your face and gently pat dry before applying moisturizer.

Protect Your Lips

Apply lip balm frequently to avoid dry and chapped lips. To keep lips moist and healthy, do not use balms that contain camphor, menthol, OL, phenol, or salicylic acid.

Protect Your Eyes

Wrap-around sunglasses help protect your eyes from sun glare from snow surfaces and protect the delicate skin surrounding them. You should also gently pat moisturizer on the skin around the eyes.

Your skin will appreciate the care you provide and respond with a softer and moister surface. Itchy, dry, and cracked skin doesn’t have to be your face’s fate this winter. Follow the simple tips for protecting your face when colder weather arrives.


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