Healing Acne Holistically

60 million Americans suffer from acne, which is a skin disease in which pores are clogged with oil and bacteria. This bacteria leads to small infections, usually on the face or upper back, called pimples or blemishes. Clusters of these blemishes are called outbreaks. Experts agree that skincare, diet, exercise, and stress can all impact the appearance and treatment of acne. Harsh chemicals used to be the standard treatment, but we know now that natural and holistic treatments for acne are safe and effective.

Acne sufferers should consider changing their skin care routine to include more natural solutions. Clay masks draw impurities to the surface of the skin and out through the pores. At first, more acne may appear when using a clay mask, but subsequent treatments will provide clearer skin. As clay can be drying, it’s vital to use a quality moisturizer after removing your mask. Gently steaming your face before cleansing with a mask can dramatically improve the effectiveness of the treatment. Instead of an off-the-shelf moisturizer, an essential oil treatment may be used. Tea tree and lavender essential oils are well-known for their acne-beating properties, but the carrier oil is equally important. Fractionated┬áCoconut Oil is an excellent all-around choice to use as a carrier oil. If you choose to use essential oils, add 2-3 drops of essential oil to a small handful of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

A skin toner may be used after allowing the moisturizer to be set. Lemon Oil, apple cider vinegar, and tea work well.

Also consider your current cleansers for hair, body, and clothes. Acne can appear when hair care or body soaps have irritated the skin. If treatments for acne are ineffective, consider changing to gentler products, such as a pH-balanced shampoo, a free-and-clear laundry detergent, and castile body soap. The body can also benefit from a quality moisturizer, using Fractionated Coconut Oil after a shower or bath to lock in moisture and keep skin smooth and clear.

Tenacious acne may respond well to a new, natural skin care routine, but lifestyle changes may be required to truly beat it. These changes may include diet, exercise, and stress management techniques.

Cutting carbohydrates and replacing those calories with a quality protein and non-starchy vegetables can dramatically improve skin condition. Speaking of carbohydrates, avoid the oft-touted sugar scrubs and honey treatments. Abrasive scrubs can irritate the damaged skin around blemishes, and sugar can feed the bacteria that causes acne. When reviewing your diet, also consider adding supplements. Supplements and the dosage needed is highly personal, so discuss these supplements with your health practitioner or another qualified professional.

Finally, many acne sufferers find that their acne finally subsides when they reduce stress in their life. Many people find a more peaceful state of mind via meditation. Others find that regular exercise, even gentle exercise, reduces their stress levels. Combined with improved diet and a natural skin-care regimen, stress reduction can be the key component to beating stubborn acne.

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