What Face Mapping Can Tell You About Your Health

If you find that you are regularly getting pimples in the same places on your face, it may be a sign that you have an imbalance somewhere in your body. This is the basis behind face mapping, an ancient technique that can reveal a lot about your general health. The idea is very simple: the location of your breakouts on the outside can be an indication of what is happening inside your body.

What is Face Mapping?

Face mapping has roots in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. It works on the basis that the main organs in the body are linked to specific areas on the face. If there is an imbalance affecting a particular organ, it can encourage pimples and other skin issues to develop in the part of the face that it is linked to.

What Can Face Mapping Say About Your Health?

Forehead: Breakouts on the left and right sides of the forehead are linked to the digestive system and the bladder. They can indicate poor digestion, a buildup of toxins in the body or dehydration. Food intolerances can sometimes be a factor and some people find that cutting back on common culprits such as wheat and dairy can get rid of forehead breakouts.

Nose: The nose is connected to the heart. From a physical standpoint, it can indicate blood pressure issues but there can also be emotional factors involved. Stress and grief are two prominent emotions that can present themselves in the nose area. Following a heart-healthy diet and regularly detoxing can help to reduce breakouts on the nose.

Chin and jawline: Hormonal acne can show up on the chin and jawline, especially for women during the menstrual cycle. It can suggest a hormone imbalance too. Breakouts in the central area of the chin can sometimes be linked to food allergies or digestive problems.

In between the eyes: The area in between the eyes is linked to the liver. If you have eaten too much rich or fatty foods, are eating too late at night to digest your food properly or have drank a fair amount of alcohol, it can encourage breakouts in this area. Food allergies can also cause problems here too. You can support your liver by drinking plenty of water and using herbs such as dandelion root and milk thistle.

Under the eyes: The area under the eyes is linked to the kidneys. Dehydration can be a big factor in skin problems affecting the under eye area and you can support kidney health by drinking lots of water and limiting your intake of salty foods.

Cheeks: Breakouts on the cheeks can develop due to a number of different factors. Stress on the lungs as a result of smoking or environmental issues such as pollution can be common culprits but there can also be links to allergies, a high sugar intake and dental problems such as gum disease. It can be harder to pinpoint the exact cause of breakouts on the cheeks but lung health and diet may be playing a big part.

Neck: Breakouts on the neck can be linked to high-stress levels. If your body is currently fighting an illness, this can also be a factor and you may find that pimples on the neck start to clear up if you get plenty of rest and fluids.

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