Easy Ways To Break Up With Plastic

Plastic is big news these days. In the first half of the 20th century and beyond, it was seen as a modern wonder material. However, the fact that plastic waste can take hundreds or even thousands of years to biodegrade has overshadowed its convenience. If you’re looking to stop contributing to the plastics problem, then follow these smart and easy tips.

Use Metal Drinking Straws

Straws are great for a variety of reasons. They make cocktails (or even a plain glass of juice) look pretty, and are a hygienic way to share a drink with a friend. However, plastic straws form an enormous part of the marine waste, and that’s no surprise when 500 million are used every day in the USA alone.

Purchase a pack of metal straws online and, as long as you don’t lose them, you’ll never need to buy any ever again. You can put them in the dishwasher or scrub them quickly by hand, and know you’re no longer contributing to the devastating waste they cause.

What’s more, unlike plastic straws you can even use them in hot drinks. Straws are great for keeping coffee off your teeth, so whether you’re enjoying some homemade juice or a cup of java, metal straws are versatile. If you often host parties, buy a couple of dozen and ask your guests to put them in the sink when they’re done so you can reuse them next time.

Use a Reusable Grocery Bag

This can be one of the easiest ways to reduce your use of plastic! Most grocery stores now sell their own reusable bags. Always make sure you have one in your car so you’ll always be prepared for those unplanned trips to the store.

Reusable Drink Ware

Investing in a thermos, reusable water bottle, and using glass mason jars for cold drinks and smoothies is a huge way to reduce your plastic waste!

Spork it up!

 A spork can function as a spoon, fork, and knife. Always having one in your bag can save you from having to use plastic utensils during lunch or when you’re out to eat.

Go For Boxes Instead of Bottles

Many products, such as laundry detergent, are sold either in plastic bottles or cardboard boxes. Opt for cardboard, which is far easier for recycling plants to process than plastics. What’s more, the source materials are often more eco-friendly. Check out which brands use sustainable cardboard online.

Also, when it comes to laundry products, powders sold in boxes are often far cheaper than plastic bottles or containers, which house liquids and tablets. The results are often virtually the same between powders and liquids, so you might as well save money and help the environment too.

There are lots of ways to end your troubled relationship with plastic products. Give these simple and easy ways a try and see how easy it is to remove plastic from your life.

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