DIY Rash Cream

DIY Rash Cream

Create your own chemical-free rash cream for rashes, sun burns and more.


1 Tbsp. La Lune Naturals Zinc Oxide powder

1/8 cup Beeswax

2/3 cup (4 1/2 oz.) Coconut Oil


1. Add coconut oil and beeswax to a glass bowl and melt using a double boiler set-up. I always improvise this, so don’t stress yourself out thinking that you have to do it in a fancy way. Warm at a low-med heat until both are completely melted. It only takes a few minutes.

2. Add zinc oxide powder to the bowl with the melted oil and wax. Using a stick blender or hand mixer, blend for several minutes until the powder is completely mixed in with no clumps.

3. Pour into containers and let cool and solidify.

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