6 Natural Ways To Deal With Stress

Stress is an increasingly unavoidable feature of the modern age. From 24-7 news through social media to constant work pressure, the relentless pace of life can take a severe toll on emotional well-being.

However, even if you can’t do much about the underlying causes of stress in your life, you can do plenty to reduce the negative effects it causes. Here are five ways to start leading a calmer life and putting stress and anxiety back in their place.

Healthy Exercise

Regular exercise is a powerful stress buster. It has three major benefits. Firstly, while you’re actually exercising you’ll be concentrating your mind on your physical being. This helps to wash away your worries at the moment and gives your harried brain a little respite.

Secondly, exercise boosts your brain’s production of endorphins, the body’s natural mood enhancer and painkiller. This lifts your state of mind and helps give you a clearer perspective.

Lastly, exercise also improves your overall physical health. This gives you greater energy and a better ability to deal with stress without fatigue.


As one of the most popular forms of traditional medicine, acupuncture is widely used to treat everything from back pain to a migraine. However, it’s also highly effective in alleviating stress and the anxiety it brings.

Acupuncture advocates say it works by clearing energy blockages around your body. But whatever the process, it’s been scientifically shown to combat the physical symptoms of stress, including high blood pressure and persistent muscle tension.


Reiki is a form of healing treatment originating in Japan. It works on a similar principle to acupuncture, by clearing energy blockages and bringing balance – but without the need for needles. Although it’s used to remedy all kinds of physical maladies, it’s most important principle is to heal by reducing stress and promoting relaxation.


Massage therapy fights stress on several fronts. It dispels muscle tension, provides a period of restful relaxation during the session itself, and promotes a feeling of physical well-being.

On a scientific level, a deep massage works to lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that prepares your body and mind for ‘fight or flight’. Reduced cortisol levels lead to a calmer mood and also help promote easier sleep.


There are many types of yoga practiced in exercise classes around the country, but the different versions all focus on bringing balance to the body and mind. The emphasis is on slow breathing, holding poses, and using gentle stretching to increase bodily awareness. This greatly decreases stress levels during the session itself. More importantly, the effect spreads throughout daily life as mindfulness increases and a sense of serenity develops.


Natural supplements are a great daily support. One of our favorite supplements to take is Tranquilene Total Calm. It is designed to correct stress-causing nutritional imbalances over time while improving immediate herbal calming.

Stress may be an unwelcome visitor in your life, but you don’t have to become its victim. These five natural techniques can all help bring your worries into perspective, build you a stronger emotional armor, and point the way toward a calmer and healthier way of living.

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