Why is our peppermint oil unique? Watch our video now.

Sooth and energize your senses with La Lune Naturals Peppermint Essential Oil.

We created a peppermint oil just for you, in a large 4 oz jar with a glass dropper.

Peppermint oil can be used for a variety of home remedies, skin care needs, aromatherapy and rodent deterrents. Peppermint oil has many uses.

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La Lune Naturals Peppermint Oil. Nourish your beauty naturally.

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As a FREE bonus, your order of Peppermint Oil from Amazon includes an eBook of 20 Peppermint Oil Recipes!

From our customers:
“This oil is the best I have ever smelled. I LOVE the recipes.” – Samantha Bagley

“Wonderful! I absolutely LOVE this essential oil. Just a few drops in the bath are incredibly fragrant and energizing. One drop on a light bulb and the whole room smells fantastic.
Also, the “peppermint-as-a-mood-lifter” idea is SO true. In the depths of winter, I often get “the blues,” but a little peppermint goes a LONG way to dispelling them!” – Susan

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