How To Get Your Skin Ready For Spring

You may have eagerly waited for spring, but not be ready now that it’s on the horizon. You wrapped up warm in layers during chilly winter months, and hardly glanced at the rough skin on your feet and hands or noticed your chapped lips and misshapen eyebrows. Luckily you’ve just got time to set a recovery beauty routine in motion before springtime blossoms.


Dead skin, whether on your face or body, reduces your natural radiance. You can get rid of it in various ways, depending on where it’s located. The skin on your face is thinner, and so more delicate than the hard layers of dead matter around your heels and requires milder treatment.

After a hot bath, stand in the shower and rub a body scrub into your skin using circular movements. You can rub hardest on the sides of your thighs, your lower legs, and elbows. Rinse with warm water, and then partly dry your body with a towel before using coconut oil. The result will be silky smooth skin that looks fit to be seen in spring attire.

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Reveal a healthy spring glow

Place a towel in warm water for a few moments, wring it out, and then lay it over your face to open the pores of your skin. Next use a clay facial mask, being mindful not to rub hard around the delicate eye area. Finish by rinsing your skin with warm and then fresh cold water.

Slough dead skin from your feet

Use a foot mask to remove the dead skin from your heels and any areas of hard skin you find. Although you can rub hard over thick layers of skin, be careful not to do so on softer areas like your toes. Finish the task by rinsing and drying your feet before applying coconut oil.

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Revamp your lips

In the winter many women wear lipstick to hide their chapped lips. When spring comes, though, they often use less makeup so their lip surface needs to be smooth and healthy.

Simply using fractionated coconut oil or organic lip balm will do the trick!

Shape your eyebrows

Whether you feel the need to shape your eyebrows depends on personal taste, but tweezing away stray brow hairs is always a good idea. Pluck those between your brows or any that reduce the area between your eyelids and brows more than necessary. If in doubt, visit a beauty salon. You can always note the shape of your brows upon completion and copy the effect the next time they need attention.

Once you’ve got the shape you want, use Aloe Vera as a natural eyebrow gel to keep them in place!

Prepare your hair

Your hair undergoes rougher treatment during the spring and summer months than during the autumn and winter. As such, you might not need to repair any damage but should prevent harm to your locks.

Stock up on coconut oil to use once a week as a conditioning treatment. Rub the oil into the bottom section of your hair furthest away from your scalp after rinsing away shampoo. Leave the oil in place for a few minutes, and then lightly shampoo and re-rinse in warm water. If your hair is particularly dry, use the oil all over your hair and complete the final step minus the shampoo.

Carry out the tips mentioned and your skin and hair will look healthy and attractive. Also, remember to use a high factor sunblock, a hat, and sunglasses when the sun shines brightly and you’ll be in tip-top condition for spring.

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