6 Must Have DIY Beauty Supplies From Amazon

We are going to share the items that you can pick up quick from Amazon that will make your DIY life so much easier. Add these items to your basket while you’re shopping for your favorite La Lune Naturals products.

Mixing Tools

These are the most important tools of them all! Mixing tools will be the essentials that you need while making any recipe. You can wash and reuse these are many times as you need. It is convenient to have something that is specifically for your do it yourself projects. We recommend using a mixing bowl and spoon that are made of wood. Sometimes using metal mixing tools can cause the mixture to have a reaction before it even is applied to your skin – this eliminates its power to do what it is supposed to.

Face Mask Brush

If you are using your hands or mixing spoon to apply your face mask you know that it isn’t always the easiest task! We recommend using a face mask brush that will make painting on your mixture super smooth and seamless.

Glass Jars 

These are perfect to keep your extra DIY mixture in.

Glass Droppers 

Traveling and want to take your liquid La Lune Naturals products with you? These droppers are great for bringing the perfect amount along for your travels.

Label Maker 

You may not be expecting this one on a DIY beauty supply list but a label maker can really come in handy when you’ve got a lot of projects going on! Throw on a “body scrub” or  “face wash” label on your glass containers to never get anything mixed up.

Essential Oils 

Essential oils are a perfect way to mix up any recipe! They add a relaxing and refreshing touch.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas to make your DIY life easier. If you have any products that you use that we didn’t think of put them in the comments below!

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