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Coronavirus: How To Protect Yourself

Here are 9 steps to protect yourself: -Avoid hand touching and hand shaking. If physical contact is necessary we recommend a fist bump or an elbow bump. -Knuckles Only. Use your knuckles to touch things like light switches, elevator buttons. When handling items that have a high volume of people touching them like a gasoline […]

Gift Guide for the “Health Guru” In Your Life

Do you have a health guru in your life? Need the perfect gift inspiration? Below are a few of our favorite brands who would be the perfect fit for the person in your life that makes their health their top priority. What’s the best part? Every brand included in this gift guide is providing you […]

Gift Guide For The “Skin Care Obsessed”

Are you shopping for a skincare junkie? We have the perfect round up of beauty products that will make shopping for them this holiday season a piece of cake! All the brands included in this gift guide are providing you with 20% of these select products. Use code: SKINGUIDE at checkout. Discount ends December 31st […]

Natural Beauty Tips For Summer

Summer skin care is easy and stress-free. Choose the right skin care products, protect yourself from the sun and stay hydrated. Most skin types benefit from the warm and humid summer weather, and dry skin usually looks and feels better in the summer than in the winter. If your skin is prone to oiliness or […]